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The Szejke Water

The hot mineral water pool of the Villa Vitae named as "Szejke" Spa which is recommended to be used as a medical treatment for many causes.

The level of this unique water springs on 504 m high above the see. Its curative power has known since 1766.

The water of the Szejke spring is rich in minerals, fizzy calcium, salt and sulphur. It is advised for rheumatic problems and cutaneous diseases but thanks to its components it is also indicated to use against stomachache, wheeze and bad circulation.Because of its curative power the spring-water is also recommended for drinking therapy.

Based on the opinion of the ethnographers the "Szejke" means blurred water and its name was given by this analogy. The Szejke spring with buildings around it has grown to a size of a small village for today. Its name as "Szejke location" the first time in 1766 was mentioned. In 1850 there was built the first spa around the spring-head. Balazs Orban modernized the spa in 1871 and built restaurants and hotels for those who came to have a water therapy. That is why the name of the Szejke Spa is close-knits to the name of Balazs Orban. Unfortunately there are no buildings left from that time because of the road building in 1941, that have crossed the location. The sepulcher of Balazs Orban locates in the neighborhood. He wished to be entombed on his own, olden property. If you come into the town from Sovata direction, you can see the memorial place on the left hand side. There are 14 special Seckler gates on the way long to the monument.

Enjoy the curative power of this unique water in our wellness center and learn more about its interesting history.

You are always welcome!

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